Medical Air Transport: Bed to Bed

Adam’s Air Ambulance helps arrange medical air transports by air. When regular medical transportation is not enough or when the transport is in a position that it cannot get to the patient, then air medical transportation is called for. Easing the transition from bed to air, air medical is safe and cost-effective. Each of the medical transports’ equipment include, at the minimal: ventilators, specific medication (if necessary) that the patient may require; an ECG and monitoring unit, CPR equipment, and stretchers. These transports are equipped and built to reflect their ability for advance life and health support.

Adam’s Air Ambulance coordinates communication and medical briefing, helping with sending and receiving doctors and hospitals so you do not have to. We can help arrange ground medical transports or ambulances in both both cities and connecting destinations. We can help coordinate with attending and receiving hospitals, families, nursing homes or facilities. Our air medical transports have flight-certified doctors, nurses and/or paramedic escorts. Our flight nurses each average in over 9 years experience in critical care nursing. Our flight paramedics average level is also over 9 years each. The commercial pilots, who are FAA certificated, have instrument rating and are acclimated to local flying conditions, so you can rest assured that your air medical transport has only quality and expert staff on board.

Patients are given the utmost care and quality concern, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide such a transport service. We aid in air transporting any patient post-neonatal (minimum weight must be over 10lbs/4.5 kilos). Women in labor or who need immediate service for delivery, psychiatric patients, medical patients, trauma patients, and the elderly and frail are examples of just some of the kinds of patients we have helped get proper attention and air transportation for.

Air medical transports are the safest, most cost-effective way of medical transportation available in the industry. For non-emergent transport requests, please e-mail us for a No Obligation quote.

For allĀ  inquiries, both emergency and non-emergency critical care/specialty air transport, arrangements can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us for both a no obligation quote , an air medical transport orientation, andĀ  to schedule an air transport, both domestically and internationally, at 1-800-843-8418 .